ITS Dental Hospital
ITS Dental Hospital
Greater Noida

Prime Clinics Treatment Charges

Kindly note, the treatment charges are regularly revised and thus, we would request you to call us to confirm the latest charges

  S.No.Treatment NameSuggested for Symptoms Prime Charges
 1Root Canal Treatment (RCT)Tooth pain3000/-
 2Single Sitting RCT Tooth pain 3600/-
3 Tooth RestorationCavity 700/- to 100/-
 4Dental Cap - PFMTooth Protection (after RCT) 3000/-
5Dental Cap - Zirconia   Tooth Protection (after RCT) 5000/-
 6Dental Cap - Zirconia (brand 3M)  Tooth Protection (after RCT)6500/-
7Tooth  Extraction - RegularTooth pain, damaged tooth1000/- 
8 Tooth Extraction - Wisdom tooth  Tooth pain, damaged tooth1500/- to 3000/-
 9Tooth Extraction -  Surgical Tooth pain, damaged tooth1500/- 
10Scaling - Ultrasonic Dirty Teeth1000/- to 2000/-
11 Dental Implant - Brand AdinReplacing a Missing Tooth20000/- 
 12 Dental Implant - Brand Noble BiocareReplacing aMissing Tooth 35000/-
 13Complete Denture - Brand LucitoneAllTeeth Missing20000/-
 14Complete Denture - Brand TrevelonAll Teeth Missing 
15Removable Partial Denture- Brand LucitoneMissing Multiple Teeth10000/-
16Removable Partial Denture With Trevelon & Acry RockMissing Multiple Teeth5000/-
 17Teeth  Braces (metal, ceramic wires)Irregular Teeth25000/- to 80,000/
 18Teeth Aligners (transparent)Irregular Teeth60000/- to 135000/-
 19 Pulpectomy (RCT for kids)Tooth pain 1500/-
20Dental Cap - for kids  Tooth Protection (after RCT)1000/-
21Tooth Extraction - Kids Milky tooth  300/- to 500/-
22Conscious Sedation SedationAfraid for Dental Treatment 800/-
23 Night GuardTeeth Grinding Problem 1000/-
24GingivectomyGums hiding teeth1000/-