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Laser Assisted Gum Surgeries

Laser stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. It is an innovative tool for aesthetic gingival recontouring and crown lengthening. The gum treatment through laser is known to be less painful and more comfortable. It is a better alternative to gum surgery. 

This is why laser gum surgery has become more known for treating moderate to severe gum diseases. Laser treatment is now available at ITS Dental Hospital. Laser surgery is usually recommended by the dentist as an additional measure after a standardized scaling and root planning procedure for the patient. They could suggest laser gum surgery instead of non-laser procedures like gum flap surgery. 

Other dental procedures may potentially benefit from laser gum surgery. Gum contouring, for example, is used to correct a gummy grin for aesthetic purposes. Lasers are devices that use intense, targeted light beams of heat energy to do several jobs during gum surgery. 

Lasers have the ability to clot blood vessels to produce solid clots destroy germs and bacteria, sanitize the region cut, and remove unhealthy tissues. They function by changing the energy of atoms. The laser light causes atoms to move from their current resting state to an excited state. As a result, the atoms create energy known as spontaneous emission. When atoms return to their resting state, they emit photons, which are light particles. 

This mechanism generates the energy required to do particular tasks, such as cutting tissue without using a blade. The procedure of procedure is absolutely atraumatic due to a painless and bloodless experience. It has a great impact on the eradication of the periodontal pockets which become a grievous cause of nagging pain and ultimately tooth loss. The entire experience of sulcular debridement motivates the patient to maintain the health of the Periodontium which serves as a vital anchorage for the teeth. Also, the most resistant bacteria harboring in the periodontal pockets are made sterile by the unique disinfectant property of the LASER. It yields great patient acceptability. 

Furthermore, the bio-stimulatory effect of the LASER renders accelerated tissue regeneration, thereby, resulting in a healthier Periodontium.