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Orthodontics - Brace Yourself for a Beautiful Smile

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of mal-positioned teeth and jaws. It can also focus on modifying facial growth, known as dentofacial orthopedics.

Abnormal alignment of the teeth and jaws is common, nearly 30% of the population has malocclusions severe enough to benefit from orthodontic treatment. Treatment can take several months to a few years, it involves the use of dental braces and other appliances to slowly move the teeth and jaws around. If the malocclusion is very severe, jaw surgery may be used. Treatment is usually started before a person reaches adulthood since bones can more easily be moved around in children.
Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics Dr. Anil Miglani (Cheif Consultant of the Department) BDS, MDS (Orthodontics), is a specialist in orthodontic treatment and has an experience of over 17 years in the field of orthodontics. 
The department of Orthodontics and Dento-facial Orthopedics. Our department is mainly concerned with the treatment of malocclusions and dento-facial deformities and we provide contemporary orthodontic care to over a thousand patients every month. The motto of our department is excellence in clinical care and patient satisfaction. A robust OPD ensures that more than 500 new cases are added each year resulting in ample clinical material.
Our residents and consultants treat a wide variety of cases ranging from simple malocclusions to the most complex orthodontic problems. The department employs the latest techniques and advancements in orthodontic therapy such as Dolphin software for treatment planning, CBCT, lingual technique, self-ligation, micro-implants, orthognathic surgery and more to ensure the best clinical care to our patients and vast clinical exposure to our residents. 
Core Competencies A large patient inflow with an OPD of more than 500 cases a year. A variety of cases ranging from simple to complex orthognathic case and cleft care. Excellent infrastructure with dolphin software and CBCT technology aiding in diagnostic procedures Experienced and approachable doctors where in a decent  ratio is maintained prudent knowledgeable and skilled orthodontists. 
Emphasis on research to advance the specialty of orthodontics Organization of CDE programs to spread knowledge of latest trends Emphasis on diagnosis with information to identify developing malocclusion and treat simple cases. 
Availability of latest Invisalign technology and lasers to provide efficient and comfortable treatment.
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